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Full Version: Serve links encrypted in HTTPS!!!
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Only two premium link generators do this currently but I know of two others that plan to implement it. Why use insecure/not-private HTTP? I see that you use Crimeflare...I mean CLOUDflare for the site but servers send all downloads over obselete HTTP.

Just curious why this is. Thanks.
Hello, You can download the links as "http" or "https".

[Image: 50804173822_260d8a6e6f_o.png]

Change the folder link containing the files you transferred to the server to https., so all links will be https and you can download them as https.

[Image: 50803315668_f641d5239d_o.png]

We did not require https to avoid CloudFlare problems. Therefore the links may be http.

[Image: 50803316948_7f72198e2c_o.png]
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