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Full Version: Keep2Share no longer supported
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I know it says it is no longer supported, but do you think it will come back later? Thanks.
Our accounts are suspended quickly so we had to stop supporting them. However, we would like to support it again. We will do our best for this.
It works as of right now. Thanks for your work!
Keep2share is currently not working, is this permanent or temporary as I used it yesterday?
Keep2share is an experimental service.

Experimental services are only being tested. It is not clear whether it will be supported. It may also not be active all the time. It works unstable.
Hope keep2share get stable asap Frown
(05.05.2021 19:20)zaza232 Wrote: [ -> ]Hope keep2share get stable asap Frown

K2S is an experimental service. Therefore, it may not be supported continuously or support may be stopped. We're just testing it.
However, it is working well now and we have enough limits for now.
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