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Full Version: down?
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Hi Berat67

will subyshare come back online soon or will it stay down?

Limits will be active when reset.
Limits are reset after 3 hours and 53 minutes.
Subyshare has no daily limit but it is on Unlimited, according to the status list.

Only the service is not available at the moment, so my question.
Account bandwidth is 40 GB per day but we have not set limits for members. soon we will buy additional accounts.
OK, I understand that with the 40 GB daily limit so subyshare remains offline

Edit: Thanks @Berat67 is available again according to the listSmile
We now have a daily traffic volume of 65-70 GB.
Thankfully, are the 65-70 GB daily limit for Subyshare? because in my account 40 GB daily limit.
We have 2 accounts and a total of 70 GB of traffic.
Only 40 GB from 70 GB you can use.
ok I understand, thank you again for the update
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